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Joan Kaylor,
EFT Trainer & Mentor

Meet Joan Kaylor, MSEd, LPC, DCEP

Joan Kaylor received her EFT training from the EFT Tapping Training Institute and earned her advanced EFT Advanced Practitioner and New Qualified Trainer, NQT status, from EFT International. She provides Emotional Freedom Techniques, aka EFT Tapping, training and mentoring to mental health providers, helping professionals, universities, hospitals, organizations, and beyond.

She initially discovered EFT Tapping through her practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor and has used it to help on her personal journey to overcome anxiety. In her psychotherapy practice Joan, as an experienced therapist, helps those suffering from repetitive body-focused behaviors (BFRB) like trichotillomania, dermatillomania, and excoriation disorder helping her patients reclaim their lives from anxiety, depression, and trauma.

She earned a counseling degree from Duquesne University before earning her certification as a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist from the Behavior Therapy Training Institute (BTTI) with the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF). She holds advanced training in Hoarding and Pure Obsessional OCD from IOCDF.

After 11 years as a counselor with the South Hills Interfaith Ministries near Pittsburgh, Joan opened a private EFT practice in 2005.

She received her EFT training from EFT Tapping Training Institute. She earned EFT Advanced Practitioner and New Qualified Trainer, NQT status, from www.EFTInternational.org  

Joan Kaylor is the host of the podcast Life Without Limits. She speaks and provides EFT Tapping training and mentoring across the United States, Internationally, and online.

* Please note

While Joan Kaylor a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania the trainings, classes, and her services as EFT Tapping NQT Trainer and Mentor are separate from and not part of her LPC psychotherapy practice. Therefore, it is not to be construed that the services of Joan Kaylor and/or the trainings, classes, or events offered on this website are the practice of psychology, psychotherapy, medicine or any other licensed health-care practice.

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