Accredited EFT Training

A Holistic, Evidence-Supported Approach to Mental Health

Training in EFT for Integrated, Compassionate Treatment. For universities, healthcare, and organizations.

EFT combines powerful cognitive-somatic tools with potent affirmations to treat pain, anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Train your staff in cutting-edge, compassionate, integrative care.

While social workers, therapists, and counselors most often use EFT Tapping, healthcare professionals and first responders also find EFT useful.

Universities and colleges add our Accredited EFT Training to their continuing education catalog to meet the growing demand for holistic, integrated care in healthcare, mental health, and beyond.


Training in EFT will help your staff

Coming SOon

Online, on-demand EFT Tapping Training.

In the coming months, we’ll release private-labeled, accredited training for EFT Levels 1 and 2. The perfect training solution for new hires, clinics, treatment centers, healthcare settings, and organizations.

Ready to guide yourself and others through pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, and self-limiting beliefs?

Download your *FREE* EFT Client Handbook.

In it, you’ll find the tools used by millions worldwide to live a life beyond limits. 

Live and In-Person Training Events

Attend one of Joan’s live and in-person events in the Pittsburgh area. Or schedule a private training for your clinic, hospital, private practice, facility, or organization.

In Person EFT Training


After completing EFT Levels 1 and 2, start your journey to EFT Tapping Certification with Joan Kaylor, an EFT Master Trainer certified by EFT International. Become a skilled, accredited EFT Practitioner.


After certification, continue your professional development in EFT Tapping. Earn your annual Mentoring Credits under the expert guidance of Joan. Get practical advice on your cases and how to apply EFT in your practice effectively.