Explore the Basics of Tapping

Evidence-Supported, Holistic Interventions for Physical Issues, Addiction, Cravings, and Trauma

EFT Training Level 1 is designed to help you build your EFT skills to incorporate Tapping into your work with others and yourself. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is considered a potent, clinically supported intervention that merges modern neuroscience with acupoint stimulation to activate the mind-body connection.

Learn the history, foundation, and methods of EFT in this immersive training. Participants in this class can expect to learn in an interactive group setting with ample discussion, hands-on practice, and feedback.

Level 1 EFT Training is ideal for:

Mental Health Providers

Evidence-Supported Method Designed To Help Tackle Anxiety and Trauma.
Can help de-escalate trauma survivors and their families.
Activates the Mind-Body Connection For Restoring Health and Well-being

Healthcare Professionals

Provide Integrative Care.
Can Help Patients or Clients Activate the Mind-Body Connection for reducing discomfort and restoring health and well-bein

Helping Professionals

Holistic Tools For Wellness And Performance.
Tap Into The Potent Union Of The Mind, Body, Emotion, And Energy.
It’s Possible to Unlock Your Clients' Hidden Potential.

Accredited Level 1 EFT Training

This course meets EFT International’s standards for EFT tapping education. EFT International is a global professional organization committed to the highest education standards and ethics for Emotional Freedom Techniques. This course adheres to the Gold Standard used worldwide by EFT International Master Trainers.

By fully participating in this training, you’ll receive a Certificate of Attendance. This is the first step in becoming a Certified EFT Practitioner under the requirements of EFT International. Please note that this Certificate does not confer upon you or provide you with certification.

This training is considered an opportunity to explore EFT Tapping. Enrollment in this training does not guarantee your learning, understanding, or mastery of the topics it contains. Your level of mastery depends on your commitment, motivation, and engagement with all content and learning experiences. Furthermore, results with your clients and patients will vary.

What You CanExpect From Your EFT Level 1 Training

EFT Level 1 requires three hours of preparation before the live or in-person training.

Once you register, you’ll log in to our website to gain immediate access to your training materials, which includes:


EFT Level 1 Training

EFT Level 1 is designed as a foundation training covering the basics of Tapping, including how to apply it as self-care and teach it to others, including clients, patients, and family members.

You’ll study how to apply EFT to common concerns, including physical issues, addiction, cravings, stress, and trauma.

This training is designed so you can learn:

  • The history of EFT, its context in the field of Energy Psychology, and the scientific evidence supporting its application
  • To explain what EFT is to people of a variety of backgrounds and belief systems
  • The relevance of the Discovery Statement to current EFT best practices
  • How to perform the Standard EFT Protocol on yourself and others and when to apply variations of the strategies and tapping points
  • The importance of Measuring and Testing and know how to Measure and Test results from EFT
  • The importance of client Rapport and of working with a client’s subjective experience in the Standard EFT Protocol
  • To troubleshoot when EFT doesn’t seem to work and apply potential solutions
  • To recognize and understand the importance of cognitive shifts and allowing them to arise from the client’s experience
  • To implement the Silent Movie/Tell the Story Technique intended to create protective distancing when applying EFT to traumatic experiences.
  • The usefulness of applying EFT to physical issues, cravings, and addiction
  • The importance of healthy boundaries and confidentiality, particularly when working with friends and family
  • The value of persistently and consistently doing self-care work with EFT

Here's what's inside the EFT Training Level 1

Handouts and Videos

Prepare for EFT Training Level 1 by watching the videos and reading the prerequisite training materials. 

You’ll get immediate access to these materials when registering for EFT Training Level 1. 

Module 1


Understand the history of EFT and its context within the field of Energy Psychology

Module 2

The Standard EFT Protocol

Learn and practice the Standard EFT Protocol on yourself and others. 


Module 3

Core Concepts

Explore the core concepts of Tapping and how they apply to self-care and working with others.

Module 4

Responses to EFT

Learn and be able to anticipate personal and client response to Tapping.

Module 5

EFT for Physical Issues

Explore the useful of EFT when applied to physical issues, including pain. Understand how to apply Tapping Strategies on yourself and others.  

Module 6

Cravings and Addictions

Learn how EFT Tapping can help clients understand the source of cravings and addictions. Understand how to use Tapping strategies to help others cope and overcome them. 

Module 7

Refinements and Your Own Work

Learn the nuisances of basic EFT and what strategies to apply when Tapping appears not to work.

Module 8


Learn how trauma impacts the body and somatic experience. Understand when and how to use the Tell the Story and Silent Movie techniques intended to create protective distancing when applying EFT to traumatic experiences.


Included with your level 1 training.
Free, complimentary access to these must have resources for EFT practitioners

The Science of Tapping Documentary

Science of Tapping Joan Kaylor

Joan Kaylor's EFT Client Handbook.

EFT Client Handbook with Joan Kaylor

Dr. David Feinstein's peer-reviewed meta analysis on acupoint stimulation.

Your EFT Level 1 Trainer

Joan Kaylor received her EFT training from the EFT Tapping Training Institute and earned her EFT Advanced Practitioner and New Qualified Trainer, NQT status, from EFT International. She provides EFT Tapping training and mentoring to licensed health care providers, helping professionals, universities, hospital, organizations and beyond. She’s the host of the popular podcast Life without Limits.

* Please note

While Joan Kaylor is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania the trainings, classes, and her services as EFT Tapping NQT Master Trainer and Mentor are separate from and not part of her LPC psychotherapy practice. Therefore, it is not to be construed that the services of Joan Kaylor and/or the trainings, classes, or events offered on this website are the practice of psychology, psychotherapy, medicine, or any other licensed health care practice.

Joan Kaylor, EFT Master Trainer for EFT Tapping Certification